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Here, at VitalityJuicer, we love to talk about juicers and juice.

Natural juice mantains your health and a good juicer is needed to extract all the rich fibers and vitamins from fruits.

It’s so convenient when you have the best juicer right on your countertop. You can make your favorite juices whenever you want, with the exact taste you like, the garnishes that please your aesthetic eyes, and at an overall pretty low cost.

But a juicer can be quite an investment, and it’s best to have all the information before making the decision. You want to be sure if it is right for you and is worthy of your money, time, and effort. You want to get the right gadget that will actually do the work instead of sitting in the cupboard to collect dust.

Be it a question about the different types of juicers, the benefits and drawbacks of juicing, or anything juicing-related, you will find your answer here.

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watermelon and pineapple juice recipe

Latest articles

Juicer recipes

We got you on this. No matter what you may like, our juice recipes cover every fruit or taste you might think of.

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Juicer Types

Masticating juicer (otherwise known as a cold-press juicer) processes juice in a slower, quieter fashion, by essentially pressing the juice out of your produce. This method generates basically no heat, so you don’t have to worry about destroying any nutrients. 

Centrifugal juicer uses a “spin” method of juicing, which is faster and usually a bit louder than a masticating juicer. It uses centrifugal force at a high speed to extract juice from produce.